December, 2017
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However, predictions of a U.S. drawdown caused prices to escalate in Asian trade early Tuesday.
Fear Over U.S. Taking Advantage of OPEC Extension Prompts Crude Price Dip
The new supply location comes in addition to its existing operations in Curacao, Bonaire, and Aruba.
Curoil Adds Trinidad & Tobago to its Offshore Bunker Supply Locations
November, 2017
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U.S. shale dominance and the rise of electric vehicles are two factors on the minds of analysts.
NBD Sees Oil at $56 Next Year Amid Questions Over Oil Demand Dynamics
Vessel operational in 2020 and on charter to Shell
Wartsila to suppy LNG-fuelled tug/barge with equipment
Crude needs to stay below $60 in order to keep the U.S. at bay, he says.
OPEC Should Consider Raising Production to Prevent Market Being Flooded with Fracked Oil, Says Analyst
Bunker demand rises in first nine months of 2017
Bigger Ships Bulk up Bunker Demand in Panama: Petroleum Argus
Others note that the OPEC extension has already been priced in, thus preventing a bullish breakout.
Despite Anticipation Building over OPEC Meeting, Crude Prices Will Be Capped by Rising U.S. Shale: Analysts
Move is the latest step in converting its remaining light physical operations into a full physical model in the Americas, says Peninsula.
Peninsula Expands Houston Bunker Operations with New Storage Agreement
RJO Futures, on the other hand, sees oil range bound at $50-$55.
Petrobras CEO Forecasts $55-$65/bbl Oil And Says Brazil Could Be On The "Winner's Side" Of A Tough Market
The IEA believes the U.S. will achieve world dominance by 2025.
US Shale Predicted to Be Global Crude Production Leader as OPEC Ups Oil Cutback Rhetoric