March, 2018
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In an attempt to resolve differences.
Aegean and Shareholder Group Start Talks
Improved energy efficiency means less fuel is used, says IMO.
IMO Explains Why Energy Efficiency in Shipping Matters [VIDEO]
The kingdom's energy minister says investment is about $1 trillion below what it was before the drop in crude prices.
Crude Prices Near $70/bbl Due to OPEC Compliance, But Saudis Say It's Still Not Enough to Spur Investment
BP and US Gulf Coast refiners predicted to be among the winners from the new sulfur cap.
IMO2020 Rule Lets Sophisticated Refineries Print Money: Wood Mackenzie
For certain types of ships.
Costlier Fuels Post-2020 Could Lend Support to Methanol as Alternative Bunker Fuel
Benefits of going digital not just about price, says CEO Ishaan Hemnani.
Shipping Companies Starting to Feel the Benefits Digital Bunker Buying: BunkerEx
Meanwhile, the price discrepancy between WTI and Brent will reportedly cause headaches for OPEC.
Crude Firms on Geopolitical Tension, but Saudis See a "Stable" Market Ahead
Total fuel oil production for 2017 rose to 23.04 million mt.
Rosneft Reports 47% Jump in Annual Bunker Sales
"We as a Group are doing this to be ready for 2020," Peter Zachariassen, Global Director Physical, Bunker One, tells Ship & Bunker.
Bunker One: Expect to See Steady Growth Driven by Opportunity, Not Necessity
HSFO demand likely to be lower than original IMO estimates putting further pressure on the post 2020 supply chain.
IMO2020: Scrubber Users Advised to Secure Their HSFO Supply