May, 2019
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One expert blames China for prices not rising more dramatically.
Demand Fears Intensify as Crude Prices Plummet on Unexpected Inventory Build
Meanwhile, RBC suggests that market tightening can easily be rectified.
U.S, China Tariff War - Not Iran Enriching Uranium - Sways Crude Trading
"At least now have some useful tools in hand which will hopefully help towards achieving a smoother implementation process," says UGS' Veniamis.
IMO2020: Shipowners / Operators Still Have Disproportionate Responsibility for New Sulfur Cap, says Greece
But J.P. Morgan sees prices eventually plummeting to $60 per barrel.
Trump Snub Causes Modest Crude Price Gains
Still, OPEC's ongoing output cuts also suggest an abundance of supply.
Crude Ends on Weekly Gains As Hard Evidence Suggests a Market Tightening
But opinion on environmental positives clouded by mixed messages and divided opinion.
21 Cruise Ships Set to be Powered by LNG Bunkers
Associated draft amendments to MARPOL Annex VI have also been approved.
IMO2020: IMO Completes Enforcement Guidelines
ICS says industry is on track for IMO2030 target, NGOs say they are appalled at lack of ambition.
MEPC 74: Shipping Industry, NGOs Offer Opposing Assessments of GHG Progress
But the proposal remains on the table.
MEPC 74: IMO Agrees to EEDI Changes, but No Speed Limits
Not even the latest from Iran could sway Wednesday trading.
IEA "Modestly" Downgrades Crude Demand as Market Becomes Inured to Geopolitical Tension