October, 2018
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IMO2020 could make spot market more attractive. .
Uneasiness Over Term Contracts Spreads to Europe
Closing a lucrative trading window for commodity traders.
Fuel Incompatibility to Put Paid to "Detour Trades"
But the spread between HSFO and 0.50% sulfur gasoil is still enough for scrubbers to make sense, says JBC Energy.
Positive Outlook for Scrubbers Propping Up HSFO Futures Prices
Tools aims to help medium and larger BCOs better understand their fuel cost exposure and mitigate future cost increases, says Drewry.
Drewry Launches IMO 2020 Cost Impact Calculator
With 21-unit order from Chinese firm.
Stena Bulk opts for Scrubbers
Demand disruption, volatile prices create uncertainty.
Singapore: 'Intense Debate' Over Gasoil Term Price Setting
As demand for high sulfur products falls away over the short to medium term.
IMO2020 to Restore Premium on Quality Refined Products, says US Refiner
At a cost of between $1.5-$2.2 million per vessel
Scorpio Confirms Orders for Over 140 Scrubbers
Ahead of increased fuel bills from the start of 2020.
IMO 2020: Box Operator to Switch to Floating Bunker Pricing
Members are operating all over the world, including hundreds of ports, CSA2020 tells Ship & Bunker.
New Group Advocating for Scrubbers Using "Actual Experience, Data & Science"