January, 2019
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SEA\LNG think so, but it remains to be seen if LNG's GHG performance will be a help or hinderance.
FEATURE: Will 2019 be the "Year of Acceleration" for LNG Bunkers?
We already produce clean shipping fuels and our global competitors do not have the necessary infrastructure, says newly formed Coalition for American Energy Security (CAES).
IMO2020: U.S. Positioned to Lead the World in Providing Compliant Fuel
Says it plans to supply VLSFO with a range of different qualities including "premium" versions.
Shipping Industry Not Prepared for IMO2020: Total
Scrubber debate continues to heat up as new CSA2020 Exec criticizes "loose speculation" over scrubbers' environmental impact.
Early Adopters of Scrubbers will be Remembered as Visionaries: Adams
Maritime AMC (MAMCL) has also been contracted to provide secretariat services.
Former IBIA-CEO Ian Adams Appointed Executive Director of Scrubber Advocate Group CSA2020
But will shutter its Energy Trading business.
IMO2020: Pharma Firm to Stick With Failed Fuel Bets
But does not mean bunker suppliers have to ensure that their fuel is compliant.
New Sulfur Declaration Now Required on BDNs
It all really comes down to the simple laws of supply and demand.
What's Up with the HSFO Bunker Prices and Why Are All the Scrubber Guys Getting Worried?
A large number of box ships pegged to have the tech installed are still pending retrofit.
Box Ship Scrubber Uptake Lower Than Previously Reported
But a full ban could be adopted soon.
China Open-Loop Scrubbing Ban Not Yet Fully In Place: BIMCO