May, 2019
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Divergence in low sulfur/high sulfur cargo values suggests earlier start to IMO2020 market transition.
LSFO Values: Readying for Lift Off?
"At least now have some useful tools in hand which will hopefully help towards achieving a smoother implementation process," says UGS' Veniamis.
IMO2020: Shipowners / Operators Still Have Disproportionate Responsibility for New Sulfur Cap, says Greece
Drone able to cover wide sea area being trialled by Dutch authorities.
Netherlands: "Super Drone" to Monitor Ship Emissions
Covering a range of applications for the new bunker fuel rule.
IMO: 0.5% Sulfur Rule Guidelines Adopted
Associated draft amendments to MARPOL Annex VI have also been approved.
IMO2020: IMO Completes Enforcement Guidelines
ICS says industry is on track for IMO2030 target, NGOs say they are appalled at lack of ambition.
MEPC 74: Shipping Industry, NGOs Offer Opposing Assessments of GHG Progress
But the proposal remains on the table.
MEPC 74: IMO Agrees to EEDI Changes, but No Speed Limits
Pro-scrubber group reiterates strong environmental case behind exhaust gas cleaning system technology.
Scrubber Criticisms 'Counter-productive', says CSA 2020
Impact of 0.5% sulfur cap given timescales by US consulting group.
Fuel Market Disruption One to Five Years: Study
Shanghai facility prepares engineers for Alfa Laval PureSOx commissioning, as well as provide crew training opportunities for customers.
New Scrubber Training Centre Opens in China