September, 2020
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The research was commissioned by three major scrubber suppliers.
Scrubbers Can Deliver Lower Carbon Dioxide Emissions Versus VLSFO: CE Delft
Only Total's boss envisioned good news in the form of declining inventories.
More Price Losses For Oil As Traders Succumb To Covid Fears
Repairs continue on ship off Sri Lankan coast.
Stricken VLCC's Fuel Tank Plugged
LBG and LNG 'interchangeable' in terms of delivery infrastructure, company says.
Powerzeek Adds Biogas to Gas Bunkers Platform
NGO says action not words required to reduce emissions.
Cruise Firms 'Must do More', Says Environmentalist
This year's total sales up to the end of August are now 5.3% higher than in the same period of 2019.
Singapore Bunker Demand Jumped by 13.6% on Year in August
Commercial onshore residue stocks sank by 6.6% to 20.735 million barrels in the week to September 9.
Singapore Residue Stocks Drop to Eight-Month Low
The bank dismisses media assertions that falling oil prices reflect a stalled demand recovery.
Oil Posts Another Week Of Losses, But Economic Picture "Strong", Says Morgan Stanley
The IEA's sustainable development scenario envisages oil-based bunker demand plummeting from about 200 million mt/year in 2030 to about 140 million mt in 2040.
IEA Sees Oil-Based Bunker Demand Drop by 60 Million MT in the 2030s
Smaller operations that do not always stay the course are sometimes outperforming their larger competitors in Fujairah, according to local supplier GPS Bunkers.
GPS Bunkers Sees Race to the Bottom on Prices Harming Fujairah's Status in Recent Years