September, 2020
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The company signed a storage agreement earlier this year with the Government of Somaliland's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism.
Trafigura Seeks to Expand Bebera Port in Somaliland
But Sen anticipates a Covid vaccine will revive the moribund air travel sector.
Oil Rebounds On Encouraging Economic Data, But Crude Analysts Maintain Gloomy Stance
By former LQM broker and CLearLynx VP Tammi Welch-Ingannamorte.
New Bunker Brokerage Launched
The bunker industry may be coming around to the idea of applying Singapore's system of MFMs and bunker licences more widely.
FEATURE: Bunker Industry Warms to Wider Application of MFMs and Licences
A total of 420,000 mt of bonded bunker fuel was supplied at the Chinese port in August.
Zhoushan Bunker Sales Surged in August
By investigating this option, DFDS hopes to encourage the development of green methanol produced from sustainable sources.
DFDS Plans to Burn Methanol at Same Time as HSFO
The VLCC New Diamond is currently about 37 nautical miles off Sangamankanda Point.
Bunker Spill Reported After Fire on VLCC off Sri Lanka
A prize of £100 will be awarded to the overall winner of the league.
Fantasy Football League Launches for Bunker Industry
The number of ships left inactive for scrubber retrofits sank to just 25 by the end of last month.
Alphaliner Sees Inactive Container Fleet Drop to 3.4% of Capacity
Meanwhile, Russia plans on increasing market share once demand recovers.
Oil Plummets As Traders' Covid Induced Concerns Turn Into Panic