April, 2019
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But Russia sends more signals that OPEC's cutbacks could end soon.
Crude Traders Refocus on Global Tightening as OPEC Criticized for Being Overly Effective
Renews contract with Propulsion Dynamics' CASPER service.
BW LPG Sees Bunker Saving Benefits from Vessel Performance Monitoring
With the IMO2020 deadline looming, making the right move at the right time will have big economic consequences
2019: The Shipping Industry's Swan Song
But experts believe prices will continue to climb later in 2019.
Crude Rally Stalls on Notion of Output War Despite All Signs Showing More Tightening
The potential challenges of 0.50%S fuel are now coming to the top of customers' minds, Luca Volta tells Ship & bunker.
ExxonMobil Interview: Shipowners Say they Don't Need 0.50%S for IMO2020, They Need the Right 0.50%S
But analysts warn it'll take substantially more to break WTI's $65 ceiling.
Warnings from Libya and Upbeat Data from China Boost Crude Prices
Say the study shows LNG bunkers can play major role in meeting IMO2050 targets, but skeptics tell Ship & Bunker they remain unconvinced.
LNG Advocates Release Much Anticipated GHG Study on Gas Bunkers
Meanwhile, worries over waning demand are dispelled.
Rumour Causes Oil Prices to Drop as Analyst Complains of "Forecasting Nightmare"
The shipping and refining industries are in the eve of a new regulation which will affect marine fuel specifications and in turn the global market.
IMO 2020: By Hook or by Crook
Pundits believes geopolitical concerns will continue to support prices.
Traders Boost Oil Prices Due to Gasoline Declines While Ignoring Huge Crude Growth