July, 2019
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Pacific Green offers counters to common arguments against the tech.
Scrubber Debate Healthy, but Persistent Criticisms "Just Plain Wrong"
Meanwhile, money managers scramble to buy petroleum futures.
Crude Traders Now Fear Supply Tightening Despite "Benign" Market Forecast
ExxonMobil discusses the marine industry's readiness for IMO 2020 with WinGD over a game of shuffleboard.
ExxonMobil IMO 2020 Talking Points 04: WinGD, Winterthur [VIDEO]
For part of its transport needs.
Global Miner Embraces LNG Shipping
At the expense of Fujairah.
Singapore Bunker Business Benefitting from Middle East Tanker Trouble
Says compliant fuels have so far been made available only in a limited number of ports and under unfavourable terms for voluntary early testing.
IMO2020: INTERCARGO Voices Discontent Over 0.50%S Supply
Experts say even outright war with Iran would only produce a temporary spike.
Economic Worries - Not Iran - Cause Steepest Weekly Loss For Crude Since May
If the charterparty is not clear, disputes could arise.
IMO2020: Prepare for More Fuel Related Claims & Disputes, says Standard Club
Experts think demand fears will continue to trump geopolitics this summer.
Soaring U.S./Iran Tensions No Match for Crude Oversupply Worries as Prices Plummet Again
But the Iran stance could cause a modest uptick soon.
More Losses For Crude as Higher Than Expected Gasoline Stocks Reported